kX Wrapper


It's goal is to control kX DSP (register values) from C/C++/C#/Java/ect...
Why creating such wrapper ? Because we must use VC++6 with old MFC version to control everything in kX's DSP.
With this dll, you can control kX's DSP without MFC, without VC++6.
I have used it with mingw, but this is usable with everything that can use dll (C#, Java, ect.).

In the DLL, you have :

    void initialize(int id);
Initialize the dll. id is your card-ID (0,1,etc.)

    void deinit();
Deinitialize the dll
    dsp_list list_dsp();
List loaded modules of the DSP (SRC, epilog, prolog, k2lt, etc.)
    int max_pgm_num();
Return the max number of loadable modules.
    dsp_register_list dsp_get_registers(int pgm);
Get register list from a DSP module (in, out, control)
    int dsp_get_register(int pgm, int id);
Get the value of a register
    void dsp_set_register(int pgm, int id, int v1);
Set the value of a register


Download kX-wrapper here: kX-wrapper
Sources: kX-wrapper-sources


0.1: First version


Unrar with WinRar where you want.

Enjoy !